Peoples Coffee


Buy Coffee. Get Change.

It’s amazing how powerful a cup of coffee can be.

In the right hands, a single extraction can support a small social change. And over a few years, simply by purchasing, preparing and drinking Peoples Coffee, you can improve the quality of life for whole communities of people, all over the world.

We are a team of people unified by a love of coffee and the challenge of proving that a business can produce a world-class product that is ethical, sustainable and financially viable. In short, we are coffee geeks with a big conscience.

We were introduced to the coffee trade in 2004 while searching for business models that could help us create positive social change. We soon became obsessed with the taste of high quality coffee and the art of producing it.

We are one of only two New Zealand businesses to gain certification from the World Fair Trade Organisation, confirming that every element of our business supports their ten principles of Fair Trade. Our coffee is sourced exclusively from co-operatives made up of small lot coffee farms in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Mexico, Guatemala, , Nicaragua, Colombia and Peru.

These partnerships not only give us a way to deliver on our social goals, they give Peoples Coffee customers a way to make a difference in the lives of hard working coffee farmers and their communities. Sales of Peoples Coffee also help with a number of local projects we’re invested in to improve the lives of marginalised New Zealanders.

To make change, we must make beautiful coffee. Our small lot farmers hand pick their highest quality green beans, and we carefully develop blends and roasting profiles that celebrate the strengths of their harvest. A decade of roasting, brewing and cupping experience then makes sure that every bean delivers consistently irresistible flavour and subsequently, social change.

That’s how powerful a cup of coffee can be.