Auf wiedersehen, goodbye


To all the Peoples people, This is my last week as the Peoples blogger.  Next week I leave for Berlin, where I plan to work as a barista and save… read more

The scoop

Peoples Coffee Ca Phe Da

When it came to ice cream, I never really stood a chance. Ice cream was the bribe that kept us quiet on long car trips; the reward for finishing all… read more

Singled out

Espresso extraction, single origin and standard espresso

“Single origin espresso is about forgetting all the rules,” René tells me, as we sit down to talk about the newest style of coffee on offer at the Constable St… read more

A conscious choice

Melissa Keys and Liv Doogue

We’re lucky to live in a time when businesses are rising to the challenge of producing goods that are just that: good.   But this increased consumer demand for ethical choices… read more

Busting the myths


Like most children of the eighties, I’ve always harboured a secret desire to be a Ghostbuster – if only for the chance to partake in the sticky demise of the… read more

The holy trinity

Trifecta coffee

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Trifecta takes all the fun out of coffee-brewing. Designed to remove the variation that arises when a human is making the coffee, the… read more

The perfect mix

Photo courtesy of Crumpet

When I heard a place called Crumpet had opened up in Wellington, I was sold, without ever having set foot in the place.  A cafe specializing in crumpets?  There are… read more

The Italian Job

Napoli cappucino

Neapolitans claim their coffee is the best in the world. That was one of the few things I knew about the city of Naples when I flew there recently.  (That,… read more

Open for business

Soft brewing in the new store

Peoples Coffee are proud to present their brand new Constable Street store. The store opened its doors on Monday, after a winter-long extreme makeover to make it twice as big,… read more

The Great Unveiling

The coffee caravan

After three months shrouded in mystery and polyurethane, the brand new Peoples Coffee Constable St store is just days away from unveiling its bigger, better and brighter refit. “People have… read more

Trading bunches

Ethical bananas?

Kiwis are crazy about bananas.  We spend over $142 million each year on bananas alone, and  import more bananas (per capita) than any other country in the world.¹ But it’s… read more

Chemex 101

Chemex coffee

A little while ago, I was asked to make chemex coffee at a fair trade event I was going to.  This elicited two equal and opposite reactions in me; pride,… read more

Signed, sealed, delivered

Book signing

There has never been a more appropriate book to put on your coffee table, than the new Peoples Coffee Barista Handbook. Last week, hundreds of friends and fans of Peoples… read more

Hot off the press

Dave Lamason with the Barista Handbook

I jump behind the espresso machine with Dave Lamason and a copy of Peoples Coffee’s brand new book, still warm from the printing press.  Authored by Dave, the new Peoples… read more

How coffee ruined my life


They say ignorance is bliss, and there was a time, not so long ago, that I happily embodied this proverb.  When someone offered me a coffee, I accepted gratefully.  I… read more

Soda speak

soda syrup selection

To be honest, I didn’t even realise I liked soda until I went to Six Barrel Soda Co.  If you said soda, I said multinational bottled sugar that makes teeth… read more

Good cup, bad cup

Good cup, bad cup

Everybody wants to be a barista, right?  Who hasn’t had a shitty day at work and fantasised about throwing it all in to make coffee for a living?   Pouring swirly… read more

Flavour of the month

Photo courtesy of Blake Dunlop

Having heard rave reviews of August, the newest arrival to the Wellington coffee scene, I have been counting the sleeps to go and find out for myself.  But when the… read more

A matter of taste

Coffee cupping

When it comes to coffee, I like to think I have excellent taste.  But being plunged headfirst into the world of coffee has made me realise just how little I… read more

Full of beans

Peoples Coffee beans

Making quick decisions has never been a gift of mine.  Making quick decisions before my first coffee is downright unrealistic.  So a few weeks back, after I had dithered in… read more

Waste not, want not

Kai to compost bin

I don’t like waste.  I couldn’t possibly.  That good old protestant ethic, “waste not, want not” was drummed into me so effectively as a child, that to this day I… read more

Brewtown pops up

Danny at Brewtown

It’s never easy coming home after the holidays, but if there’s one thing that made it easier this year, it was the coffee (or, more accurately, the lack of good… read more

A caffeinated christmas


Christmas.  It’s a time of joy and peace and elbowing your way through crowds of frantic shoppers to the tune of Snoopy’s Christmas.  That much we know.  But have you… read more

Taking the plunge

plunger feat

When it comes to plunger coffee, everyone knows best.  If you’ve ever been dive-tackled as you go to plunge the coffee, or had a spoon wrestled from your grip mid-stir,… read more

Trouble brewing in fair trade

Rene Geoff and Matt

Have you noticed that fair trade is popping up just about everywhere these days?  Coffee, bananas,  chocolate, sugar; we’re positively spoiled for choice!  Even the big gun multinationals are touting… read more

No pressure coffee


I love a good flat white.  And I love that I don’t have to question my love for it.  I can walk into a cafe, order the same thing every… read more

Adventures into coffee world


If there’s one thing in life that I  just cannot live without, it’s coffee. And if there are two, they are coffee and writing. I love coffee.  And I love… read more