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You may have noticed that Peoples Coffee is looking a little different of late. Our rebrand has come full circle and we are now looking a little more poised, polished and professional. We started debuting the revamped Peoples earlier this year, easing all of our wonderful supporters (and ourselves) into the pool one toe at […]

Pinaman Owusu-Banahene is kind of amazing, she is the founder of social enterprise ADJOAA (Africa Design Journey through AustralAsia) the brains (and brawn) behind Wellington’s first ever Africa Fashion Festival and is (aptly) perhaps the most fashionable person I have ever met. I sat down with Pinaman last week at our Constable Street café to […]

Every 6 months or so the argument surrounding ‘The Price of a Cup of Coffee’ rears it’s ugly head. I can understand why – it pairs two of my very favourite things; coffee and lamenting the fact that it would be foolish to spend my entire paycheque on the stuff. But when we saw *yet another* […]

The milk blog has become something of a Peoples Coffee tradition. Last year we did a little blog featuring milk alternatives (Almond, Hazelnut, Rice & Soy) and how they stacked up when paired with our coffee and before that we smashed out some flat whites with a range of organic and off-the-beaten-track milks in ‘Honour the […]

Kaibosh have a vision: Zero Food Poverty. Zero Food Waste. It’s simplicity belies the true nature of the work that goes into achieving such a bold campaign, New Zealanders throw away over 122,547 tonnes of food a year, but Kaibosh are equal to the task. Fresh Broccoli from the Newtown Farmers Market Founded in 2008 Kaibosh and it’s […]

Vic Books is an institution for anyone who has toiled their way through a degree from Victoria University. They are the difference between an enjoyable, thought provoking lecture or a one and a half hour nap session. They are the life blood of the student body (OK so I might be laying it on a […]

It’s a new year! And there are VERY exciting things afoot (putting aside the mildly terrifying fact that I turn 26 this year and so am officially an adult *sigh*). The first of these very-exciting-things is our Constable Street Peanut Butter Takeover, the brain-child of our brilliant cafe manager Patrick and the team at Fix & […]

2015 has been absolutely mental – we’ve gone from strength to strength and honestly we’re all pretty exhausted! Time for one more quick blog though – we thought ‘Peoples Coffee in Numbers’ was a fun way to end the year. We were blown away by some of the facts and figures we unearthed, the number […]

Two weeks ago I embarked on a little trip up to Auckland to visit Liv and Josephine and check out some of the awesome spots now serving Peoples Coffee in the city of sails (I also MAY have seen Fleetwood Mac live in concert but that’s neither here nor there…). Liv picked myself and our […]

We’ve got a secret. It’s a matter of some excitement and we’re PRETTY amped that we’re finally able to share the news… This weekend we will be debuting the gorgeous, limited edition, Mish Mash – a Mocha Porter beer we’ve been lucky enough to work on with the Wellington Chocolate Factory and the awesome folk down at Garage Project! The […]

2015 has been a year of big changes for Peoples. We’ve got some new faces, a wicked-cool new Auckland HQ and a whole lotta stuff in the pipeline thats going to blow your minds come 2016! That being said sometimes you’ve just gotta go back-to-basics – so with this blog that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. It’s […]

As a purpose-driven business, it is important to us to help out those making positive social change in Aotearoa. We love getting involved with as many great initiatives as possible and we’re constantly blown away by how many AMAZING things are happening in our own backyard. We thought, since the end of the year is careening […]

What. A. Weekend.  Saturday was the Peoples Coffee/The Ramen Shop Nitro Pop-Up and daaaayum the weather turned it on for us. Clear blue skies, a light breeze (OK a gale force to begin with but it SETTLED in to a light breeze) and some of the best sun we’ve seen in months. Nitro at rest […]

Seeing as our recent blog all about Lauren was so well received we thought we would talk a little more about some of our #peoplespeople! René Macaulay is a fixture here at Peoples. The Roaster Formerly Known For His Moustache has been with us since 2007, working with our farmers at Origin and here at the roastery – […]

We’ve seen some pretty great things happening around the place lately, ambitious individuals making cool stuff happen for those in need or without a voice so we thought we’d start talking about these awesome people; #peoplespeople if you will! Some of you may know Lauren Tennent from Peoples Constable Street store. Part barista, part pixie, Lauren is famous for serving epic coffee with […]

Last week I took a little trip to the Free Store on the corner on Ghuznee and Willis to take a look at a new venture the fantastic team there have started. If you haven’t heard of the Free Store before here’s the lowdown: Opened in 2010, the Free Store is a not-for-profit organisation that […]

Today I met with Tabby Besley, founder of youth organisation InsideOUT, to talk about their charity exhibition at Matchbox Studios. Some of you might recognise Tabby – she was recently the first (and so far only) New Zealander to be awarded a Queens Young Leader Award for her work with queer youth (she even made a […]

Last week I took a wee trip up to Auckland to visit Peoples Coffee superstar Josephine and check out Urchin & Amber, one of the first inner-city cafes in Auckland to be serving Peoples Coffee. Now it has to be said – Wellingtonians are very different from Aucklanders. We are a bit more relaxed, a […]

Last week I went to prison. No really! For a whole hour, to Arohata Womens Prison to sit in on the barista training that Peoples Coffee are offering for inmates. The training, now in it’s second year, is run by Lauren Tennent & Ashley Roper and is designed to provide real, transferable skills outside of the ‘traditional women’s work’ the […]

Just so you all know there is a man who delivers coffee (and other tasty tidbits) on this contraption you see here. That’s right, rain or shine, Russell Silverwood, from Nocar Cargo, will pedal your Peoples Coffee Single Origin Mexican Chiapas right to your door, anywhere within Central Wellington. Why you ask? Simple – Russell […]

Picture this: You venture out on a brutally cold Wellington day for a bite to eat at your local haunt and think ‘I have tried everything here. Twice. And it’s all amazing, but I want something new and I want it now’. I don’t know about you but I find myself in this predicament frequently and […]

“Wanna try some of this?” A gooey, caramel-coloured concoction appears in front of me. I’m powerless to  resist the chocolate shavings sprinkled on top. As I slurp happily on my afternoon sugar fix, Morgan eases my health guilt. “It’s a cacao, date, banana, almond milk, and peanut butter smoothie,” and everything is right with the world. Morgan […]

       The popular Peoples Coffee stand It was all hands on deck for last weekend’s Caffeination Festival of coffee at the TSB arena. We Roastery dwellers found ourselves catapulted out from behind our familiar machines and screens to full on customer-service and money-handling duties. I’m proud to report that I only gave the wrong […]

Newtown has been good to Peoples Coffee. We love her for her slight eccentricity and strong sense of community. And we love how both of those features combine to produce the annual spectacular that is the Newtown Festival. We await this yearly chance to rep our hood (and eat ALL the foods) with anticipation. This […]

Vic Books is as much a part of life at Victoria University as pressing buttons to open doors (confusing first years since forever), the daily struggle to summit the vicious Mount Street in time for class, and traffic jams on level three of the Kirk Building. I speak from experience when I say that Vic […]

The world of milk alternatives is one that, to be honest, I’ve never really had the urge to educate myself about. I’m more than happy with mammalian mammory liquid in my coffee. This is a privileged position though; a luxury that as much as 70% of the world’s population’s bowels won’t allow them. If you […]

Ah, the flat white. Despite having been Antipodeans’ velvety friend for over two decades – has it ever featured so strongly in our national conversations as in the past week? As its name suggests – it has its origins in that unassuming culture that prefers its coffee strong and short, and has worked quietly away at perfecting […]

Our little elves have been working hard to make sure your festive season is fuelled by gorgeous coffee and everything related. If you’re looking for local, ethical and delicious products this Christmas, we got you covered. We are very stoked to present the Peoples Coffee Body Scrub, in partnership with the wonderful Wellington Apothecary. Treat […]

There are people who drink their coffee with significant amounts of both butter and coconut oil. It’s sort of a fitness/biohacking craze popular in paleo-diet circles. As I’ve never been anywhere near a paleo-diet circle, and I just had to google ‘biohacking’, I am not generally one of those people. In fact, I’m a carb […]

What do you get when you cross a carpenter and a barista? In this case – a coffee caravan that’s so much more than a coffee caravan. Alex (the carpenter) is from Tasmania, and Jo (the barista) from the Kapiti Coast. I have recently been informed that Jo and our Sales Manager Beth have a childhood jazz-ballet […]

The two guys sitting on the plush red chairs across from me have an obvious rapport with each other. As I gaze around I quietly suspect this is what gives this place its continuity of vision – its edge. It just feels meant to be. “The whole process of Elie and I starting this journey, began when […]

Some of the members of the CMM group in Huehuetenango We are very proud to be introducing a special new single origin this month. ‘Cafe Feminino’, from the Cafe con Manos de Mujer branch of the ASOBAGRI cooperative in Guatemala’s Huehuetenango region has a very particular point of difference, and if you speak Spanish you’ll […]

“World Fair Trade Organisation Principle Ten: Respect for the Environment Organizations which produce Fair Trade products maximize the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources in their ranges, buying locally when possible. They use production technologies that seek to reduce energy consumption… They seek to minimize the impact of their waste stream on the […]

Chemex 6 Cup Paper Filter Brew Guide WHY CHEMEX? The Chemex was designed over 60 years ago by a German chemist named Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. The filter brewer is inspired by the Bauhaus Art movement, and is celebrated in modern art circles for the beauty of its design. The Chemex uses a specially bonded filter […]

Meeting with APODIP members in a small community which boasts many woman members who are involved in programs growing coffee, bee keeping and coffee roasting. We’ve blogged before on our trading practices and business objectives, we’ve talked about the merits of various certifications, and we’ve shared stories of our relationships with the growing cooperatives that […]

I’ve studied the commerce side of coffee for two years, and consider myself reasonably well versed in the ins and outs of supply and demand. However, I’ll be the first to admit – I’m not the most well versed member of the PC team when it comes to coffee preparation. I’ve been practicing at home […]

Yesterday the Peoples Coffee team went on a family outing to paradise, also known as the Wellington Chocolate Factory.  Not only was the adventure pleasing to our taste buds, but it turns out that coffee geeks and chocolate geeks have a lot in common, and the roasting experts among us found kindred spirits in chocolatiers […]

Peoples Coffee started out ten years ago as a social enterprise, before that term was part of our common vernacular. This year we have allocated a specific fund dedicated to supporting social initiatives within our community here in New Zealand, and at coffee origin. Our recent partnership with Wellington’s Multicultural Learning and Support Services (MCLaSS) […]

Hello, I’m Kelle. I’ve been working at Peoples Coffee for about 4 weeks, but enjoying it for much longer. I’m basically the new admin/sales/all-rounder person. Or possibly more accurately: Making-it-up-as-I-go-along. Two years ago, I knew roughly as much about coffee as your average Wellingtonian, meaning I drank enough of it to sustain an honours degree […]

Mid-year for roasters is both a frustrating and exciting time. Frustrating because a lot of our green coffee is now old and roasting profiles must be regularly checked to compensate for aging…But exciting because around this time the fresh coffee harvest starts to arrive from various exotic locations. When a fresh bag is opened the […]