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Jo, Alex, and their Little Black Caravan

What do you get when you cross a carpenter and a barista? In this case – a coffee caravan that’s so much more than a coffee caravan.

Alex (the carpenter) is from Tasmania, and Jo (the barista) from the Kapiti Coast. I have recently been informed that Jo and our Sales Manager Beth have a childhood jazz-ballet school in common. You know what they say – jazz is thicker than water.

Jo and Alex met four years ago in a house full of drunken backpackers at the Canadian ski-fields; it was love at first keg stand. They’ve been spreading their combined creativity all over the place since then, but lucky for Kapiti-ites, they have finally decided to settle (for now) near her hometown. Roll on Summer.

Barista's eye view

It’s been a labour of love. Taking, as these things tend to, about three times longer than planned, they’ve finally created something that’s both very new to the Coast, but that fits in perfectly.

The Little Black Caravan is more than meets the eye. Yes, it is a caravan that dispenses (very good) coffee, but it is also becoming a community; a social hub. Jo says that, during the short time they’ve been open, their regulars have become like family. People stop by on their way to work for a coffee fix, or relax in the courtyard, on ply furniture designed and built by Alex.

This way to coffee

They’re gathering together a little collective. The large section once occupied solely by Little Black Caravan is now a gourmet trailer-park of sorts. The Independent Burger Company truck has moved in, and a fantastic waffle cart called The Hot Wafel. It’s the most delicious, ethical and organic trailer park I’ve ever heard of.

Handmade Sodas!

Jo and Alex do not restrict themselves to coffee you know. This Summer you can pick up a handmade soda, or a Whittaker’s chocolate milkshake…Don’t mind if I do.

Jo making coffee

Seemingly effortlessly, the pair have managed to cultivate a business that draws from their personalities and their respective skills, and brings it all together with a simple, sleek, and very current presentation. They get to spend their days chatting with the locals, sitting in the sunshine, and serving up straight-forward but delicious fare.

Caravan within a caravan

It’s any globe-trotting couple’s homecoming dream. Minimal input, maximum fun. They’ve created the environment they want to spend their time in – and it’s a refreshing and unique addition to the Paraparaumu Beach scene. These two know exactly what they’re doing. So Summer holiday-makers and Wellington stay-cationers, stop by for a coffee and a burger, and you’ll be hooked.

Trailer Park

They’re at 384 Kapiti Road – the beach end (alternatively – you can let the smell of fresh coffee and waffles guide you).  Although they’re on wheels, Jo assures me they’re going to stay for a while. Check them out on facebook for updates on all things Little, Black, and Caravan-y.

November 20th, 2014

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