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What. A. Weekend. 

Saturday was the Peoples Coffee/The Ramen Shop Nitro Pop-Up and daaaayum the weather turned it on for us. Clear blue skies, a light breeze (OK a gale force to begin with but it SETTLED in to a light breeze) and some of the best sun we’ve seen in months.

Nitro at rest – beautiful.

Nitro is a pretty new concept for New Zealand. It pours like a pint of Guinness, the coffee being ‘infused’ with nitrogen bubbles, which gives it a thick creamy head. You’d swear it had milk in it but you’d be wrong – it’s just single origin black coffee!

Karaage Chicken ‘n’ Waffles – a sight to behold.

Asher on duty.

We were stoked to have The Ramen Shop on board cooking up their famous Karaage Chicken ‘n’ Waffles and Tofu ‘n’ Waffles. Asher was a blur, moving with super-human speed to keep up with orders – there was a line out the door at one point so safe to say that the waffles were a hit!

Nitro – the perfect summer cool-down.

People are always a little wary of Nitro to begin with, it’s a little bit different, a special breed. A deep love affair is usually bourne from first sip that develops into a long and enduring relationship of respect and admiration. Because delicious.

Nitrogen bubbles mean the brew pours quite fiery.

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As Nitro settles it ‘gradiates’ much like a stout.

Best to drink it before it settles completely – creamier that way!

Can be a little messy for those with a full moustache…

Those of you who missed out on sampling our liquid gold this time around; fear not! Nitro will be making a special, week-long appearance at Stories Espresso Bar on Lower Cuba in early November, so watch this space!

Chopsticks (and fingers) were the weapons of choice for tackling a waffle.

Some of us couldn’t quite get the hang of those fiendish chopsticks…

Overall the day was a big success. The weather was pristine, the Nitro cold and the waffles hot and we managed to raise over $1000.00 for the Red Cross’ Refugee Efforts.

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Jesse F

Photography by Renee Cotton Media

October 13th, 2015

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