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Just so you all know there is a man who delivers coffee (and other tasty tidbits) on this contraption you see here. That’s right, rain or shine, Russell Silverwood, from Nocar Cargo, will pedal your Peoples Coffee Single Origin Mexican Chiapas right to your door, anywhere within Central Wellington. Why you ask? Simple – Russell has a passion for bicycles that he wants to share with Wellington. His aim – to make our city safer, cleaner and friendlier for everyone.

You might recognise Russell (or at least his head and upper torso) from his days behind the Constable St coffee machine – we’re pretty stoked to have him back in the Peoples fold.

Russel Silverwood_Bariasta

Despite being appreciative of what motor vehicles have to offer, Russell knows that our over-reliance on them leads to polluted air, noisy streets and annoying congestion. He hopes that Nocar Cargo can lead the way in ‘providing a practical, emission-free alternative that doesn’t waste time looking for parks, will travel at safe speeds and can give high fives’ (truly the mark of any great service).

Nocar Cargo MAINjpg

We did a little digging on the concept and found that Russell and his Nocar Cargo aren’t the only ones who’ve seen the benefits of emission-free delivery methods.

Nimble are a Californian based company specialising in Cargo Kick-Scooters. The scooters are capable of carrying almost 140kg’s at a time and are being used by enviro-conscious companies all over the world.


Then there’s Melbourne-based cargo-bike delivery company Cargone Couriers who are changing the way Melbourne-ites (thats a word right?) send and receive their goods as well as helping big businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

Safe to say that Russell and his international compadres are pedalling/pushing/kicking/grinding their way towards cleaner, safer (fitter) cities so, if you see him around, say hello, give him a wave (or a high-five) and salute his efforts – as far as we’re concerned the man is nothing less than a bearded angel!

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July 9th, 2015

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  • Blane says:

    Great read, thanks for the mention and more importantly congratulations to Russell on getting stated and wishing him and Nocar Cargo all the success.

  • Marilyn says:

    It’s marvelous to see such a reputable business support this Nocar Cargo business. It reinforces Peoples Coffee brand and it’s ethos very well. Congratulations on “walking/biking the talk” !!

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