Peoples Coffee
From the originator to the latest addition, meet the people behind Peoples.


Talents include wearing the heck out of a great hat and sassy comebacks. Mackenzie is a Peoples staple – he may leave, but he always returns.


Matt Lamason is the original brains behind Peoples Coffee. He founded it a decade ago and we haven’t looked back since! He now serves as Director, and remains a source of inspiration for all us Peoples People.


Ashley is our spirit animal. She is pretty much the life of every party and you always know when she’s behind the machine – that massive smile is a sight to behold.


The man has a penchant for sweet threads, it can’t be denied. He’s also makes the 2nd best Aeropress in NZ, just so you know.


Inna is about the loveliest lady you’ll meet, has the mad latte art skills AND is crazy photogenic. It’s unfair, we know…


Classy bob. Enviable dress sense. Excellent homemade lunches. This is what we’ve come to expect from Cicely. She makes a pretty fantastic coffee though her skills with caffeine are vastly exceeded by her mystery…


A Latvian single-origin import; with notes of friendliness, knowledgeability, and travel-obsession, and a well-rounded, sweet finish.


The reigning champion of the Peoples Coffee latte art contest; Grace knows how to pour some milk into a cup with flair. She keeps it real though – always remembers the little people.


Artist and suspected superhero Robbie knows so much about coffee it’s scary. He also has an uncanny ability to be in a number of places at once, and get a million things done in a day while exhibiting no signs of stress at all.


A marketing, comms and admin ninja, Jesse’s job involves a mix of researching obscure new blog topics, firing off invoices and killing it on the social media front.


Dispatch Driver and Top Guy Jamie Binding is the (hairy) face of Peoples Coffee – zipping all over the city like a big coffee fairy. He’s very proud of the fact that he’s never had a parking ticket.


Descended directly from the Greek Goddess of accounting; nothing gets past camp mother Efi Botes when it comes to invoices, typos, and office air temperature. She can always be counted on for sage words of wisdom, and the occasional well-timed hug.


Music-obsessive, arachnophobic biker-boy with great hair; Ben Neason orchestrates the Peoples Coffee warehouse floor like a maestro. He’s getting pretty darn good at roasting too.


Bean-guru Rene is an expert in both coffee and moustache cultivation. When he’s not roasting up a storm or visiting cooperatives at coffee origin, you might find him tending his bees, building an ingenious contraption, or indulging his excellent taste in music.


James Beyer is our main-man when it comes to sales. Bearded, witty and not too shabby a dresser, James will have all your worries sorted out in a jiffy!


After a 7-year hiatus Shaun has returned to the Peoples Coffee way of life. About time we say!

Interested in joining the team? Check out our Work For Us Page.