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2015 has been a year of big changes for Peoples. We’ve got some new faces, a wicked-cool new Auckland HQ and a whole lotta stuff in the pipeline thats going to blow your minds come 2016!

That being said sometimes you’ve just gotta go back-to-basics – so with this blog that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. It’s time to meet the team, the #peoplespeople behind the scenes. We’re a motley crew who LOVE what we do and because I’m a huge nerd I’ve given us all hella-cool superhero-esque names…

René Macaulay – ‘Bean King’

If you saw our blog a few weeks ago then you’ll know all about our man-behind-the-beans; René Macaulay. As well as being our Head Roaster René is the head of the New Zealand Roasters Guild and a father of three. He is currently without-moustache but trust me when I say he is the hands-down, undisputed Movember champion.

Most Likely To: Pull this face
Favourite Film: The Big Lebowski


James Beyer – ‘The Face’

James is the go-to-guy for making sure all of our cafes get the BEST care possible. He’s a coffee expert who does everything from training our barista’s to refurbishing machines in need of a little love. When he’s not in the office you can usually find James cruising around Wellington, visiting our cafes, making sure everyones coffee is just right.

Most Likely To: Rock Sneans (even though it is a crime against humanity)
Favourite Film: Lords of Dogtown

Liv Doogue – ‘Mother Superior’

Liv is our amazing General Manager, the leader of the pack, the captain of the Peoples ship and any other brilliant metaphors you can think of. She has recently relocated to Auckland and is now, along with Jo, kicking butt and taking names in the big city! Liv is a Wellingtonian at heart though and never misses an opportunity to get back to her windy city roots.

Most Likely To: Inappropriately abbreviate. (For example ‘Chicken and Waffles’ becomes the quite frankly terrifying ‘Chicky Waffs’)
Favourite Film: In the Mood For Love

Ben Neason – ‘Overlord’

A more organised man you will never find, Ben is our Warehouse Manager and keeps us all in line. He also works with René as one of our Junior Roasters. Ben is passionate about making sure that Peoples (and businesses the world over) are constantly evaluating how we can be better at minimising our impact on the environment. He also REALLY likes lentils (honestly I’ve never seen anyone eat so many lentils?).

Most Likely To: Eat lentils
Favourite Film: Stand By Me

Efi Botes – ‘Madam Moolah’

Efi is our accounts ninja – she holds the keys to the cheque book and is one badass lady. She also has a SUPER-HUMAN memory, capable of recalling facts and figures from 2006(?!) with staggering accuracy. When she’s not fielding a million questions from me, Efi is usually busy ensuring the office temperature is sitting precisely at a balmy 17 degrees.

Most Likely To: Embarrass her daughter with spontaneous Zumba moves in the supermarket
Favourite Film: The Sound of Music

Jamie Binding – ‘Beard Lust’

You MAY know Jamie from his infamous cold brewing skills, or simply from seeing him cruising around town in the Peoples Coffee caddy, delivering coffee to all of our nearest and dearest. Jamie recently got his first smart phone and has been entertaining us all by showing us all of the internet memes and jokes that we all saw three years ago when we got OUR smart phones.

Most Likely To: Eat seven sandwiches in one sitting. Every day.
Favourite Film: Donnie Darko

Jesse Finn – ‘Mistagram’

That’s me! When I’m not posing for brilliant candid snaps (see above) you’ll find me slaying it on social media, researching and writing our bi-weekly blogs and taking care of the roastery admin. As I live all of about 3 minutes from the Roastery I find very little reason to ever leave Newtown – so that’s where you’ll find me most of the time.

Most Likely To: Wear double-denim at every opportunity.
Favourite Film: Alien

Roastery 1

So that’s the team. It’s new territory having two of us based up in Auckland but every two-weeks or so Liv comes to visit and, when we’re lucky, she brings Josephine and with our powers combined we pretty much break the speed of sound.

We’ll be having a little look at the Auckland HQ and having a chat with Jo & Liv soon to see what they have been getting up to in the city of sails, so keep an eye out 🙂

– Jesse F

November 16th, 2015

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