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Vic Books is an institution for anyone who has toiled their way through a degree from Victoria University. They are the difference between an enjoyable, thought provoking lecture or a one and a half hour nap session. They are the life blood of the student body (OK so I might be laying it on a bit thick there but you get the idea – they are AWESOME!).

Two hot chocolates please!

Peoples are super proud to be a part of the Vic Books story and so we thought we’d give you all a little update on what they’ve been up to and where they’re going.

Vic Books Manager and all-round good-guy Lars Bringzen

For those of you who haven’t experienced Vic Books here’s the deal: Located in the thick of Victoria Universities Kelburn Campus, Vic Books smashes out over 2000 cups of Peoples Coffee a week. They pride themselves on having a sustainable approach to business and from their inception have partnered with like-minded entities such as Zany Zeus, Karma Cola, Trade Aid, Peoples and more.

Our trainer James kicking at the Vic Books kiosk in the Hub

Vic Books has been KILLING IT over the last few years under the guidance of General Manager Lars Bringzen, opening takeaway coffee kiosk’s in the Hub and Pipitea Campus’ Rutherford House, the latter a little preview of what’s to come when the dust settles on this under-construction campus.

A glimpse of what the new Pipitea Campus will look like once finished

Throughout 2015 and ’16 the Business School hub is undergoing a massive facelift; a full redesign of the existing structures, an eight story addition and at the centre of it all a new and improved Vic Books Pipitea.

Right now the site is under lock and key; a hundred and one tradesmen guard the entrances with pick-axes and eye-wateringly orange vests BUT we will be bringing you a little insiders look quite soon.

Some little gift bags from a recent Peoples Coffee event at Vic Books

Our training session ‘Coffee One-oh-One’ in action

Until then keep an eye out for some exciting events, giveaways and other cool things at Vic Books Kelburn. We’ll be bringing back our popular ‘Coffee One-oh-One’ training sessions in the next month and rumour has it there is a cheeky little Cold Flat White giveaway coming up…

Go Vic Books  – you guys rock!


– Jesse F

January 28th, 2016

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