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Colombia Sey'muke
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Cranberry, Raisin & Malt

This limited edition micro-lot coffee from Colombia is rich and full bodied. A smooth mouth feel is paired with light acidity and finished with a cranberry sweetness and hints of malt and raisin.

Farmer Cooperatives

  • ANEI


Processing green coffee beans requires fermentation to produce desirable flavours and allow it to be stored without spoiling. There are two main ways to ferment coffee, either with water which we called washed (or wet) processing or without water called natural (dry) processing. Once ripe cherries are picked, pulping them in a wet mill removes the skin, and fermentation processes the remaining mucilage on the bean.


Traditionally, washed coffee is picked and within 8 hours the cherries are floated in water (and unwanted components are scooped from the top), and then pulped. Then the beans will be washed in water for around 12 - 36 hours and dried in the sun on patios for around a week.


Natural processing involves none of these steps, traditionally the full cherry is dried in the sun for around a week, then the dried skin is removed.


ANEI Cooperative

  • Colombia, Central America

ANEI are an organisation made up of 700 producers from families belonging to 4 native communities (Arhuacos, Koguis, Kankuamos and Wiwas) and farmers from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Serranía del Perijá in northern Colombia. Its primary mission is to promote and support the cultural preservation of its indigenous peoples (Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kogui) for the recovery of the economic, social and cultural rights of its members.

Through social premiums, ANEI have developed a program to support coffee growers and their children in education, supporting more than 70 young people in their university tuition and delivering solar panels to rural schools.

“To sow peace and weave the future in community and harmony with nature”