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Rwanda Rubengera
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Peach, Lime & Blackberry
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This washed Rwandan coffee is of a very high quality with juicy, enjoyable flavours. Starting with a peachy, apple-like body and a sweet lime presence, the palate rounds off with a rich blackberry mouth and a brown sugar & maple sweetness.

Farmer Cooperatives



Processing green coffee beans requires fermentation to produce desirable flavours and allow it to be stored without spoiling. There are two main ways to ferment coffee, either with water which we called washed (or wet) processing or without water called natural (dry) processing. Once ripe cherries are picked, pulping them in a wet mill removes the skin, and fermentation processes the remaining mucilage on the bean.


Traditionally, washed coffee is picked and within 8 hours the cherries are floated in water (and unwanted components are scooped from the top), and then pulped. Then the beans will be washed in water for around 12 - 36 hours and dried in the sun on patios for around a week.


Natural processing involves none of these steps, traditionally the full cherry is dried in the sun for around a week, then the dried skin is removed.


KOPAKAMA Cooperative

  • Rwanda, Africa

Situated on the Eastern Shore of Lake Kivu, the Rwandan KOPAKAMA cooperative are committed to improving their local communities, using social premiums to provide access to fresh water and electricity as well as building a community hall. In 2013, KOPAKAMA created a 'Womens Coffee' programme and introduced 2 women to their Cooperative board.

Community learning, womens empowerment and education are at the heart of KOPAKAMA. The cooperative structure has provided free access to Primary education, allowed for much more investment in land and infrastructure and fostered a more gender balanced way of life.

"Now man and woman sit together to plan coffee, money and family life" - Nyiranshimyimana Christine, KOPAKAMA Cooperative Member.