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Delicious Without Compromise

At Peoples Coffee, we believe in simplicity and quality without compromise. We exist to:

  • Source coffee in the most ethical way possible
  • Value people in all parts of our supply chain
  • Minimise our impact on the environment
  • Produce the highest quality coffee imaginable

Coffee is more than a beverage; it's a connection between people, nature, and communities. We believe that this interaction deserves a responsible approach, one that guarantees exceptional taste, environmental stewardship, and fairness to those who cultivate it.

To address pressing global challenges and support small-scale farmers, we exclusively source organic and fair trade coffee through long-standing cooperative partnerships. This guarantees that the exceptional quality in every cup reflects our commitment to ethical coffee both for the environment and farmer.

organic coffee

Organic coffee is a choice for the environment more than it is a health choice for drinkers. Small lot farmers who utilise organic coffee farming techniques ensure the sustainability of their environment for generations to come. But these techniques come at a cost and are very labour-intensive which is why an 'organic premium' is built into the prices we pay.

coffee producers in front of building

Fair trade coffee

Farmer cooperatives are the heart and soul of the Fair Trade coffee system as they provide the small lot farmer with access to the coffee market. Long-term partnerships coupled with social premiums built into the price we pay for coffee is the only lasting way to make a difference at origin, providing opportunities for farmer-initiated community development projects.

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