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constable street

12 CONSTABLE STREET, NEWTOWN, WELLINGTON | 04 389 6776 | 7:30AM - 5:00PM

constable st cafe

The birthplace of Peoples Coffee, the Constable Street cafe was opened in 2004 by Matt Lamason. ‘The early days were small and beautiful,’ Matt recalls. Back then the entire business, including the roasting, functioned in those twenty five square meters. The community of Newtown embraced the small coffee revolution happening in their backyard as their own, with lines out the door on Saturdays. That sense of community lives on today, almost 20 years later, through a melting pot of coffee lovers– a number of whom have been enjoying Constable Street since those early days.

Over the years, the Constable Street cafe has seen many different managers and team members that have each left their mark and created the space that exists today. Our current manager, Tommy, is proud of the character & colourful community vibe of Constable St. Not only is it a great place to get an amazing cup of coffee, but it is a warm community gathering space– somewhere you’ll always be greeted by friendly and familiar faces.

man in front of espresso machine

Matt Lamason | Founder, Owner

man in front of espresso machine

Tommy Yarrall | Constable St. Manager

Lukes Lane

40 Taranaki Street, Te Aro, Wellington | 04 801 9585 | 7.30am - 4.00pm

cafe counter before open

Opened in September 2018, Luke’s Lane is our second flagship cafe location. In the past couple of years, Lukes has truly blossomed into a bustling spot for expertly crafted coffee in the heart of the CBD. With eight years of coffee skill and knowledge, Lukes Lane manager Jordy has curated a warm and inviting atmosphere, as well as a stellar team of skilled baristas who consistently provide delicious coffee and friendly service. 

A big focus at Lukes Lane is on the variety of new and unique forms of brewing coffee. This is most recently showcased through our brand new soft brew bar, which offers handmade pourover brews. Current soft brew offerings are V60 pourovers of regularly rotating coffees.

Lukes Lane also offers espresso drinks, filter coffee, teas, and a selection of cabinet food sourced from Shelley Bay Baker, Dough Bakery, French Can Can Patisserie, and chunk’d cookies.

man in front of espresso machine

Jordan Kunz | Lukes Lane Manager



cafe with lots of natural light

Opened in October 2023, our Mansfield Street Cafe is our newest cafe. It's located in our roastery, allowing you a peek behind the curtain at how our coffee is created. Mansfield is our largest location, filled with loads of natural light, giving it a relaxed place to sip a brew while you watch our team in action.