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Caramel, Cocoa & Malt

Despite the bad rap that decaf gets this lovely bean holds its own against a caffeinated coffee when used fresh. Malty with a cocoa bitter-sweetness, rich caramels and smooth with low acidity. For six months of the year we use decaf from Peru, and the other six months it's from Honduras.

Farmer Cooperatives

  • Sol y Café


Processing green coffee beans requires fermentation to produce desirable flavours and allow it to be stored without spoiling. There are two main ways to ferment coffee, either with water which we called washed (or wet) processing or without water called natural (dry) processing. Once ripe cherries are picked, pulping them in a wet mill removes the skin, and fermentation processes the remaining mucilage on the bean.


Traditionally, washed coffee is picked and within 8 hours the cherries are floated in water (and unwanted components are scooped from the top), and then pulped. Then the beans will be washed in water for around 12 - 36 hours and dried in the sun on patios for around a week.


Natural processing involves none of these steps, traditionally the full cherry is dried in the sun for around a week, then the dried skin is removed.


Sol y Café Cooperative

  • Cajamarca, Peru

Sol y Café, is an association representing over 1000 small producers in Cajamarca, Peru. The cooperative aims to contribute to the integral development of the members, their families and community. Prioritising the execution of agricultural activities, acting with social responsibility, preserving the environment and with a vision of sustainable development.

Environmental training programs, healthcare initiatives, life insurance, and educational opportunities are just some of the ways the cooperatives strive to improve the quality of life for coffee producers and their families. Producers requesting membership into the coop need the ‘visto bueno’ or ‘approval’ of existing members within that particular community. Or, if the applicant comes from a community not yet associated with Sol y Café, they will be visited by the producer board of directors president, to assure that the candidate comes united with the intentions of becoming a contributing cooperative member and dedicated to producing high-quality, organic coffee. Sol y Café provides producers with financing, training, and technical assistance to improve coffee quality.