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Article: Aeropress Recipe

Aeropress Recipe
Brew recipe

Aeropress Recipe

January’s coffee of the month is the Colombia Tolima 🫘

Our barista Penny’s Aeropress Recipe ✨

COFFEE: 16 grams

WATER: 94 degrees, 200mls


Add 16 grams of ground coffee to the chamber. The coffee should be slightly on the finer side - similar to the consistency of salt flakes

Tap the chamber gently to even out the grinds

Pour 50ml of water over the grounds, stirring three times to ensure that they’re all saturated

Pour remaining 150 mls into the brew chamber at let it steep for 15 seconds. This will bring out the full-bodied notes of orange and cane sugar.

Stir gently two more times

Fasten the filter cap with one damp filter inside, and squeeze the air out. You will see small bubbles form on top of the cap.

Flip the Aeropress and press it into your vessel. Stop immediately to avoid over-extraction when you hear a hissing sound.

Tip: spinning the chamber as you pour will encourage the saturation of all the grinds meaning that your coffee will be well-balanced in flavour!



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Holiday sale, 20% off coffees!

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